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Silvercom Computer & Technology Club

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Silveridge Resort’s Silvercom Computer & Technology Club (SCTC) is pleased to welcome you as a 2020-2021 member.  Please read and act on the following information at your earliest convenience.

1.  Our usual annual dues are $10 per member.  Due to the pandemic, the SCTC Board of Directors recently voted to not collect any membership dues until we are once again able to hold our normal live in-person Monday morning meetings.  Instead, this season we will hold “virtual” meetings that you may attend using your computer with the popular virtual meeting application, Zoom.

2.  Beginning Monday, November 2, and continuing through the 2020-2021 season as necessary, you are encouraged to use your computer to log into our SCTC sponsored Tech for Seniors “virtual” program on Zoom.  The Tech for Seniors program is run by SCTC’s gifted program manager Dr. Ron Brown, a retired Canadian physician. 

To join Tech for Seniors, click on and sign up to receive the TFS Newsletter.  This twice weekly newsletter includes a “link” to sign on with a single click to the weekly Monday morning 9:30 AM Mesa standard time Tech for Seniors meeting on Zoom.

Of course, it helps to have installed the free version of Zoom on your computer.  This is easy to do.  Just click on to download and install it.  FYI, the “entry door” to attend a TFS Zoom meeting opens at 9:30 AM and is locked at 10 AM.  The meeting ends at 11 AM.

3.  Ron Brown began these Tech for Seniors meetings last April and has continued doing them weekly with a staff that includes himself, Hewie Poplock—a tech expert living in Florida, Bob Gosticha—a knowledgeable computer security advisor who has done many presentations for SCTC, Ray Baxter—an enjoyable pop music expert, and “Dewey” Kloos—our SCTC VP who does presentations on a variety of computer & technology subjects.

4. The SCTC Board is pleased that Ron Brown has kindly agreed to do special Tuesday morning 9:30 AM Mesa time meetings specially for SCTC members.  The first meeting will be Tuesday, November 3 with meetings planned for the first and third Tuesdays each month.  Like Monday’s Tech for Seniors meetings, the “entry door” to attend is locked at 10 AM and the meeting runs for around and hour.

Our goal with these special SCTC meetings is to replicate the Monday morning SCTC meetings of yesteryear.  There will be time to socialize with each other, carry out club business and of course, provide useful computer & technology information and troubleshooting.

If you have any questions regarding this season’s Silvercom Computer & Technology Club, feel free to send an email or give me a call.

DuWayne “Dewey” Kloos

SCTC Vice President & Acting Membership Chairman



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Past Episodes of Tech for Seniors

zoom.jpg      July 30   Zoom 101 Presented by Hewie Poplock   Register @


SilvercomCTC Club History including a list of Past Presidents 

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Honorary Memberships

1. Jim Bryan                      4. Lou Hyde               7.  Mike Folker

2. Larry Johnson               5. Jim Hyde

3. Fran Dexter                  6.  Dewey Kloos       




     More than a Computer Club

                                  Weekly Meetings with Guest Speakers 

                                   Topics involve Windows, MacIntosh and Andoid OS

                                   Photography Club with Field Trips

                                   Weekly Genealogy Classes

                                   Special Interest Groups for Mac Users, and Smart Phones

                                   Specialized courses taught in our Computer Lab

                                         -  Windows 10, Ipad, Kindle Fire, Gmail -

                                   Free Trouble Shooting for your Computer Friday Afternoon

                                   Lots of Socials, fellowship and heaps of fun all for $10/ Person










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Genealogy meets weekly on Monday in the Silvercom Computer Room between 10- 11:30 AM

You must be a SilvercomCTC member to attend.



This Sig is lead by Bill Neves

Please see the Calendar for date and time of this Sig

There is NO cost

You must be a member of SilvercomCTC to attend

All Sigs take place in the SilvercomCTC Classroom

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Silvercom Board of Directors


President: Carol Folker
Vice President: Dewey Kloos
Director: Mike Folker, , Vail Williams
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: John Faktor

Program Chair: Ron Brown
Web Page: Ron Brown
Membership: acting Dewey Kloos
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