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Receiving Great TV @ Silveridge - Dewey Kloos

Streaming Services- Channel Lists - Dewey Kloos


How to Use your Browser -  December 5 2019    by Ron Brown

Google Chrome- Google Basics - Dotto Tech

Customize your Chromebook Desktop  Ron Brown   Customizing your Chrome Browser starts @ 1:45

How to Enable Google Chrome’s New Extensions Menu  Ron Bown

Distill Feature in Chrome OS 75   Ron Brown

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How to Install Google Chrome on Windows 10

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Back Up Strategy for Google Photos

#576 GOT

#571 GOT


How to use YouTube -  Ron Brown 

How Did YouTube Start?

10 Simple Tricks to Search YouTube Like a Pro!


How to save your Receipts in Google Drive

GOT # 139 What are Widgets

How To Use a Smartphone to Scan and Create PDF Documents. Episode 156

How to quickly scan documents with the Google Drive app


How to use Shopping Apps     By Ron Brown

        Fry's Shopping


Senior Exercises from Greg Farrell's talk  13.1.2020

        Page One     Page Two   Page Three


Gmail  -  Getting Started    1.21.2020   

                Steve Dotto - Getting Started

                Anson Alexander Getting Started


Sharing your Photos with Google Photos 2.27.2020


Gmail- Integrating Goggle Calendar and Contacts to your Gmail 3.3.2020