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 the links from Monday’s Win 10 SIG session.    March 12    Bill Neves









Here’s a video about it and a few other things.

Win 10 SIG 3-11-18










Mesa Library


video-speed-controller Chrome only



Decmeber 11-  Identity Theft - Ron Brown

March 27-  Writing and Publishing an ebook - Bill Neves

March 20-  Computer Security- Gordon Flanary   No Handout

March 13-  Combined Meeting-  Geeks on Tour   Leisure World.  Google Photos  Google Maps

Feb 27-  Mike Long Computer Security-  No Handout

Feb 20-  What the heck is a Chromebook  - Ron Brown

February 13-  Google Drive-  Ron Brown

        Google Drive- by Ron Brown

        How to use Google Drive- 2017 Anson Alexander

        Google Drive and Google Docs- 2017 Anson Alexander

January 30-  Kim Belair- Library Presentation- No Handout

January 23- Katie Goertz- Office 365- No Handout

January 16- Bob Gostischa Presentation- Security Software

January 2- 2017 - Social Media - Ron Brown                   Facebook Friend or Foe - Diane Mckeever

December 19- 2016 Google Photo's Presentation-  Ron Brown

December 12- 2016 How to set up a new device- Ron Brown

November 28-2016 How to Safely use a Public WiFi Access Point - Peripheral Network Devices - Browsers

November 21- 2016 Internet History- Ron Brown Internet History- Silveridge Internet- How to purchase a new computer


November 14- 2016   How to Free up Space on your smartphone

                                                Free Up Space - Show Notes PDF

March  14-2016        Google Drive- Anson Alexander

February 22- 2016    Technology from a different perspective - Bob Gostischa - Avast

                                Ransomware- Ron Brown

February 20- 2016     APCUG - Customizing Windows 10    Powerpoint Presentation  Hewie Poplock

                              APCUG- Customizing Windows 10   You Tube Video  Hewie Poplock

February 15-2016     Windows 10 Katie Gertz

February 8- 2016    Gmail Overview- Byron Nate

January 25- 2016      Managing your passwords   -   Geeks on Tour/Ron Brown

                     Google Video- Managing your password

                     Program Notes-  Managing your passwords

January  18- 2016  Presentation by Ron Brown-  Google Photos       Video of the Presentation

              Google Photos Tutorial -  Super Geeks-  Jon  Published Nov 10 - 2015

              What is so special about Google Photos?   Chris Gould 

           Getting Started - Program Notes - Program Notes     Google Video -  Getting Started with GP

               How to Share an Album  - Program Notes       Google Video-  How to share an Album

               How do I make a Movie- Program Notes         Google Video-  How to make a movie


January 10- 2016     Back to Basics: Getting Started with Smartphones



December 21- 2015   Email Etiquette by Elliot Stern - Presented by Ron Brown

                                     Ransomeware - Ron Brown


December 14 2015   Cloud Storage - Katie Gertz

                                  Cloud Storage Comparison Chart



November 29  2015   Program Notes for Managing your Contacts- Geeks on Tour

                                       You Tube Video- " Managing your Contacts " - Geeks on Tour


November 15 2015-    Program Notes for Managing your Home Screens - Geeks on Tour

                                     You Tube Video- " Managing Home Screens " - Geeks on Tour


Dewey Kloos's Presentation                    Selling your stuff on Ebay & Craig's List
                                                                Using Voice to Text- Dragon Naturally Speaking 

  Avast Installation Guide

  Basic Computer Course - Red Mountain Multigenerational Center

  Abby Stokes Recommended Web Sites

  Abby Stokes - Grandparents Cheat Sheet for staying in the game


  This week Microsoft announced the opening of their new store in Chandler.  The first Retail location in the US was the Microsft Store in Scottsdale where I attended an AZACC meeting. They offer FREE computer support for ANY Windows machines except XP. This is a valuable resounce and free so the opening of the Chandler Store  will benefit our club.


Today we had a great presentation from Kimberley Belair on the Mesa Public Library.  Kim is the manager of the  Mesa Express Library in the Power Square Mall on the corner of Power and Baseline.  Drop by and see Kim to pick up your library card or get help with your electronic books. 


Gordon Flanery gave an outstanding presentation today and talked about the many services his company has to offer. The name of his company is Byts Computer Repair and his web site can be accessed by this link.


Laptops & Batteries :   BEWARE IF YOUR LAPTOP IS 3 OR MORE YEARS OLD.  If your laptop has a hard time booting up or suddenly crashes and Windows has to recover you may have a dying battery.  If you always use your Laptop plugged into power then take out the battery.  This will save you the expense of buying a new one.  When the battery is in the Laptop then the power to the computer must go through the battery and if it is dying then the output may not power your computer. Laptops run just fine without a battery and you will get full power to your system.  This is a good diagnostic tool to sort out crashes. Take out the battery and see if the problem goes away.   5 Battery Myths debunked by Kim Komando.

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