Silvercom Computer and Technology Club
Silvercom Computer and Technology Club

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2016 Photo Winners  

Genealogy meets weekly on Monday in the Silvercom Computer Room between 10- 11:30 AM

You must be a SilvercomCTC member to attend.



2016-  Photo Conest Winners        BEST IN SHOW-   Randy Rhisdahl

Close Up

First Place      Doreen Risdahl                                                         

Second Place Gail Brown

Third  Place    Gail Brown


Flowers & Cactus

First Place    Gail Brown

Second Place  Joanne Kloos

Third  Place    Doreen Risdahl


Action and Motion

First Place    David Christmas

Second Place  Randy Risdahl

Third  Place  David Christmas


Landscape and Nature

First Place  Arne Ward

Second Place Gail Brown

Third  Place  Ward  Arne



First Place  Randy Risdahl

Second Place Claude Dalcourt

Third  Place  David Christmas



First Place  David Christmas

Second Place   Arne Ward

Third  Place  Randy Risdahl



First Place   Gail Brown

Second Place  Gail Brown

Third  Place   Noel Duffy


Wildlife & Animals

First Place  Noel Duffy

Second Place  Randy Risdahl

Third  Place   Joanne  Kloos



This Sig is lead by Bill Neves

Please see the Calendar for date and time of this Sig

There is NO cost

You must be a member of SilvercomCTC to attend

All Sigs take place in the SilvercomCTC Classroom

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Silvercom Board of Directors


President: Carol Folker
Vice President: Dewey Kloos
Director: Mike Folker, Larry Carr, Vail Williams
Secretary: Debra Christmas
Treasurer: John Faktor

Program Chair: Ron Brown
Web Page: Ron Brown
Membership: Dave Christmas
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Apple Sig Leader: Donna Crumb

Genealogy Sig Leader: TBA

Android Sig Leader: Jeff Phillips
Windows Sig Leader:  Mike Folker
Chromebook Sig Leader: 
 Ron Brown --
 Chris Wrzenski
Camera Club:   Gladys Meyer

EVACC- East Valley Association of Computer Clubs
Contact: Ron Brown
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