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IPAD Courses are very popular and are offered for the beginner to advanced user.

The courses are structured and taught in our Computer Lab by the very popular  Katie Goertz. 

Watch on the events calendar for upcoming course times as these fill up fast.


 Apple Sig

This is a newly formed SIG- Special Interest Group to help users in the Mac environment.  You must be a member of Silvercom CTC to join this group and it is lead by Donna Crumb. The group will meet each Thursday between 9:30-11:30 in the Card Room. The startup date will be posted on our Web Site's Calendar.  There is no cost for any Sigs that are sponsored by SilvercomCTC. This is an informal way of learing how to use these devices.

2016/17 Season

Gordy Ballweg's January 12th Presentation

Gordy Ballweg's January 19th Presentation

Gordy Ballweg's January 26th Presentation

Donna Crumb's Feb 2 Presentation

Gordy Ballweg's February 9th Presentation

Gordy Ballweg's February 23th Presentation

Donna Crumb's March 2nd Presentation

Gordy Ballweg's March 9th Presentation

2017/18 Season

Gordy Ballweg's January 18th Presentation

Gordy Ballweg's February 1 Presentation

Agenda for Apple Meeting Feb 15

Gordy Ballweg's Feb 22 Presentation      Agenda for meeting

Apple Agenda March 1 - 2018

Gordy Ballweg's March 8 2018 Presentation

I Phone Photos and other Photo Apps March 22 2018

2018/19  Season

GordyBallweg's Presentation Jan 31- 2019

      521 Iphone Bounce

      463 Panorama Photos

      516 Selfie with Voice Control

      451 Camera Focus

      345 HDR Settings

Gordy Ballweg's Presentation Jan 17-2019

      543 AirDrop

      541 Portrait Photos

      540 Drop Box

Gordy Ballweg's Presentation Feb 14-2019

       466 Apple vs Google Photos

       484 SM-iPhone iOS11 photo format HEIC

       461SM-How to save a Photo from a Text Message

Gordy Ballweg's Presentation Feb 28-2019

       503 Navigate to a photo with Google Maps

       477 How to edit a photo date

       491 Edit black White

       489 Google Photos- Photo Editing

       436 Google Photos Sending Pictures to a friend

       430 Free up space on a Iphone/Ipad



Season 2019/2020

Gordy Ballwegs Presentation January 16 - 2020

Gordy Ballwegs Presentation January 30 - 2020

Gordy Ballweg's Presentation Feb 13-2020

Gordy Ballweg's Presentation Feb 27-2020 Apple Watch

Gordy Ballweg's Presentation March 12- 2020

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Genealogy meets weekly on Monday in the Silvercom Computer Room between 10- 11:30 AM

You must be a SilvercomCTC member to attend.



This Sig is lead by Bill Neves

Please see the Calendar for date and time of this Sig

There is NO cost

You must be a member of SilvercomCTC to attend

All Sigs take place in the SilvercomCTC Classroom

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Vice President: Dewey Kloos
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Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: John Faktor

Program Chair: Ron Brown
Web Page: Ron Brown
Membership: acting Dewey Kloos
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