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Our Genealogy group will have access to this product starting in January'. Oh what great finds we may make. Come join us every Monday at 10:00 a.m.

Looks like your family story has a global angle.



With records spanningtheglobe, aWorldExplorer Membershipcan helpyoudiscover if yourfamilystory do

Search more than 2 billion records from more than 50 countries.

  • More than a billion records from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  • More than 100 million records from Canada
  • More than 100 million records from Australia
  • More than 75 million records from Europe, South America, Asia and more


How to use the National Archive- In PDF Format

Family History Society of Arizona - March Conference


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President: Carol Folker
Vice President: Dewey Kloos
Director: Mike Folker, Bill Neves, Vail Williams
Secretary: Debra Christmas
Treasurer: John Faktor

Program Chair: Ron Brown
Web Page: Ron Brown
Membership: Dave Christmas
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Apple Sig Leader: Donna Crumb

Genealogy Sig Leader: Gene Lingenfelter

Android Sig Leader: Dewey Kloos
Camera Club:   Gladys Meyer

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